The PULSE Project serves as an empowering voice for women.

Our mission is to shed new light on the daring art of pole dancing. Through performances and community activities we aim to inspire our audiences and begin to break the stereotypes associated with this art form.

A note from the Creator of The PULSE Project

Brook Notary, Artistic Director

In August 2009, The US Pole Dance Federation called me to see if I was interested in being a judge for the Pole competitions because they wanted a professional choreographer on the panel. Intrigued, I said yes and then signed up for my first pole class at New York Pole Dance to experience what it was all about first hand. I left my first class, sore, bruised and utterly inspired! I also left with a new appreciation for the difficulty and technicality of the art form. As a contemporary dance and aerial choreographer I am known for using props, not as a gimmick but seeing them as an extension of the body, and the pole itself was opening a whole new creative door.

On my subway ride home I was literally stuck staring at the pole in the center of the car. My mind was buzzing – How can I utilize this prop? How can the pole be a launch pad, an extension of the body, a partner … I always thought of pole dancing as one thing…I see so much more. How can this art form celebrate the strength and tenacity of women? I missed my stop by 5 stations and immediately got off so that I could call dancer Ashley Browne to see if she would come into a pole studio and work out some of the new ideas that were brewing.

Ashley has been one of the core dancers from the beginning, not only spending hours in the studio with me exploring our new apparatus, but helping to develop the project organizationally from the ground up. Over the course of the next year I began to invite a select group of some of the best dancers in NYC in for rehearsals. From this select group we found the inspiring Jenn Freeman who is now working as my Associate Choreographer. We now have an extremely talented core of 7 dancers that have been studying this new art form for 2 years committing countless hours to training and developing a new movement vocabulary with me. Since this core group was established we have become a tight family. Learning a whole new skill set is quite a bonding experience. I am in awe of their talent and the support that they show each other in every rehearsal and performance.

I haven’t seen anything like what we do being performed today. I can’t help but truly believe that we are working on the next great theater going experience.

XO – Brook

Since Brook’s first pole class, we have:

  • Established our core dancers and are rehearsing weekly
  • Self produced our first show in December 2011, successfully raising 320% of our goal on Kickstarter campaign in just 21 days!
  • Worked with world renown pole dancer, Natasha Wang as guest artist a the USPDF 2012 Finals Competition in NYC
  • Taught PULSE technique in workshops nation wide since 2010

And we are excited to announce our first international experience! Brook will be teaching three exciting PULSE Technique workshops in Paris and Marseille (with director France Grieco), France!!!